The last movie in which Mohanlal and Jayaram acted togather was in 'Advaitham' and was around 18 years ago and was a notable movie with strong characters and melodious songs.
This year after few failed movies Jayaram strongly came back with a highly acclaimed movie 'Veruthe Oru Bhariya'.

Noted director Blessy is directing a movie in which Mohanlal is in the lead role and media reports says Jayaram will also handling a lead role in the movie.
Blessy has two widely acclaimed movies in his list ,Kazhcha and Thanmathra, and a flop movie, Dileep starrer Calcutta News.

Typical Blessy movies has strong characters and the tightly coupled emotional bonding between characters. Blessy movies depicts the trauma and happy moments of common man and he narrates common man's struggle and pain when they face uncommon situations through his highly intense and strong screenplays.

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