Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan, one of the most respected politicians in India who belongs to the rare group of politicians, whom common man still love to call 'leader'.

In an article published in the Pachakuthira magazine, Kerala Sahitya Academy Chairman M Mukundan was quoted as calling VS an "outdated saint".After reading that, the first thing that comes to mind is few incidents happened during the last kerala assembly elections.
The massive SMS campaign for VS when VS denied seat in the assembly elections.
The group of software engineers in New York who set up a website on him. They believed that VS was not against development and technology. VS proved that by signing Smart City project and making it a reality.
He was always 'The Leader of the Masses'.

As once published in Indian express about his reading habits,
Read V S Achuthanandan: No movies for 30 years, no school beyond Class 7, his first job was weaving coir mattresses

One of his a senior colleague at Deshabhimani says,
'I once asked him why he, who loves to read so much, dropped out so early. He said he could have continued even without buying books but just didn’t have the strength to starve in school every day.'

He became the first Communist CM to visit the 800-year-old hill temple of Sabarimala.
The 84-year-old Achuthanandan rejected all sort of physical or medical support. It was the doctors who struggled to catch up with him while trudging non-stop three hours on foot.

As VS replied to Mukundan's allegations
"I am 85 years old now and I believe in 1848 ideology. So naturally I am outdated, I am outdated, but proud of the ideology that I follow"

He also said "The preachers of capitalism always termed Communists as obsoletes from the time of Marx."
He asked "whether the values of truth, justice, unity and mercy will expire with time?”
If yes, then, yes, VS is an 'Outdated saint'.

Now shout dear readers Is VS is an 'outdated saint’?

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