Finally the mega hit 1990 comedy and ultimate entertainment movie 'In Harihar Nagar' will have a sequel.
Media reports that the yesteryear's mega hit movie will have a sequence soon.
Actor - producer Lal is going to debut as an independent director with the movie. Lal will produce the film. The film is named as 'Harihar Nagar-2' as for now.The movie is expected to release in 2009.
Let us wait for more "Thomassukuttee, vittodaa" dialogues and ultimate comedy and 'chirimala'.The movie will be directed by Lal and produced by Lal creations.The story beig written by Lal and music by Alex Paul
Mukesh Jagadheesh Siddhique Ashokan Rohini Praveena Lakshmi Rai Salimkumar Janardhanan Kochupreman

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