As for any Malayali, Onam is very special to me, wherever I am, whether I am in India or in any part of the world. It is my passion, it is my beloved festival, it is strongly bonded to many of my dearest memories. A string of nostalgic memories.
But Kerala is changed a lot, Keralites changed a lot. The spirit of Onam is gone...
Onam is different now, so somewhere we lost the meaning of Onam.
The Onam is now celebrated in more mechanical way. With no heart involved. With no spirit and no compassion
Still it gives me an opportunity to think more about my state, my town,my village,my friends as any other Malayali. It is very dear to me, it is so close to my heart, it is very very very special to me..
I still remember the Onam celebrations during my school days, the 'Pookalam' contest, buying ‘Mittayi’ from 'Tomman' chettans 'pettikada'.
I studied in a ‘Pallikoodam’ in a remote village, where everything was taught in Malayalam. That was my first school and it shaped me.
I watched the first movie in my life on an 'Uthradam' day...

An unforgettable movie I watched during my school days. Again that was during Onam Festival. I still remember the tears in my eyes while watching that movie...'Kireedam'...Still I love watching that movie. It is a treat watching Mohanlal's amazing performance in that movie .That’s why I consider him as the best actor India has ever produced...
I don’t know all these movies were released during Onam or not, But I watched them during Onam Holidays.
Another movie I watched during Onam days is 'Thaniyavarthanam' .I strongly believes Only Mammootty can do such a role. 'Balan Mash' is still fresh in my memory.
The way Mammootty acted, the way he transformed into 'Balan Mash' is just indescribable.

That’s why I started watching movies by Lohithadas and Sibi Malayil. Most of their movies I liked. Being Malayali, they know how to steal the heart of Malayali and that’s how they delivered few of the best Malayalam movies ever produced.
Another Mohanlal movie 'Devaasuram ' by I.V Sasi, I watched during one Onam holidays. It was so thrilling, it is a classing movie. Mohanlal at his best. If I get a chance to watch 'Devaasuram ' any time i will make sure that I will not miss that chance.

I liked Padmarajan movies. The way he narrates the story, the way the story unfolds is awesome. I watched one of his movies 'Thoovanathumbikal ' during an Onam holiday.

Most of the movies I watched during Onam Holidays, which are still fresh in my mind, are Mohanlal movies. 'Chithram' ,'Kilukam' ,'His Highness Abdullah' ,to name a few.

I watched few movie in which Mammootty performed amazingly,'Oru Vadakan Veera Gadha' ,'Ponthanmada' were during Onam days.

'Vaisali', 'Kshanakathu' are few other Onam movies still fresh in my mind.

Few recent movies like ‘Classmates’,’ For the People' were also watched during Onam days.

These days, away from my home land, away from the heat and smell of my own soil, a feel pain in my heart, I feel like I am missing something.
Kerala is changed a lot, Keralites changed a lot. The spirit of Onam is gone...The innocence is gone from the heart of Malayali. Selfishness is ruling the heart of Malayali.

If you read Kerala newspapers ,either printed or electronic ,the many news from our State is so painful, Malayali killing Malayali for money ,to resolve disputes,’ Quotation' culture is widespread, 'Kanichakulangara' is happening every where!!

Father killing his own kids, raping his own minor daughter, suspecting he is not her father, killing brutally after the repeated assaults...

I remember news in yesterday, which says Kerala Cyber cell is planning to take action against Youths who are misusing mobile Cameras. Report says that many people in Kerala use camera phones for taking sneak pictures and distributing it to friends. This should be treated as a serious crime against privacy of people.
Recently Kerala government banned use of mobile phones in Schools.

Where we are heading to? To a total collapse?