When we talk about religious freedom ,in my opinion ,it is up to the individual to take a decision on that. Recently there is so much drama happening in Kerala because of some 'inappropriate' chapters in the social science textbook for class VII.
We can view this text book chapter content and the sentiments of a part of kerala population in two different dimensions. These two views might differ depending on the individual/reader whether he/she is follower of any religion or he/she is an atheist.
In one way we can think that ,as the age of the student who is studying in VII standard is around 12 years,we cannot expect that his awareness towards religious freedom is matured.So even if the motive behind the text book design is 'good' and 'deserves some sort of applaud' still people can think in a different way that the essence of this chapter can lead a child to think negatively towards his/her own religious faith. As the people who are protesting against the text book says ,this can be considered a way to promote atheism.
This is one way of thinking if you are a religious.
The second view is totally disagree with the above one.
This text book is designed with a good motive in mind,to make the child more humane.The chapter guides the student to think more openly and persuade him to help others in case of any emergency (like what happened in Gujarat few years back).The controversial chapter closes with an interesting and challenging exercise for the student. The child is asked to imagine a situation in which another child from a different religion fleeing a communal riot request takes shelter with the child.After living together for days the child discovers that their religious practices and faith are entirely different. This is essentially true.
The student is asked to think about his won reaction towards this imaginary situation.
These factors raise many questions
How do we say this chapter promotes atheism?? How people of Kerala known for their literacy and high level of political awareness are thinking in such a way that ,the text book promotes atheism?
Again this depends on how you interpret your feelings towards your religious faith and tolerance. As mentioned in the text book 'All religions aim at the glory of the mankind. Exhort to mutual love and respect.'.
The interesting thing is that the political parties already took over this issue as a weapon against each other..The result is again hartals and bandhs in Kerala.
Let us decide that no political parties take advantage of our own feelings....
It is the individual who decides his own faith and it is the common man who suffers the burnt of bandh and Hartals and it is politicians who takes advantage of all these drama.
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