This is definitely a welcome move as far as the students and parents are concerned.
According to the latest media reports ,Kerala is planning to ban mobile phones in schools.Recently there was a public angry over the incident of stripping a Plus Two girl student by women teachers at a private school in search of a mobile phone.
The girl later attempted suicide after consuming poison and admitted to the Medical college Hospital.At least these kind of undesirable incident will not happen again.Now the Kerala Education Department is set to probe the alleged body search.The misuse of mobile phones can be very dangerous as far as the safety of students ,especially girls are concerned.The mobile phone is banned in many private schools in the state.But even if the government bans the use of cell phones in Kerala schools,it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their kids are safe from the dangers of the cell phone misuse.
Parents has to be more alert ,since government cannot enforce the law to the grassroot level without the help of parents of the students.Any way let us hope for the best.
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