It's wedding time for Gopika. Another beautiful Malayali actress is planning to leave Malayalam movie industry because of Marriage.This time it is Gopika ,the gorgeous girl who danced to the tunes of 'Lajjavathiye' and stole the movie lovers’ hearts.
Gopika is going marry Dr. Ajilesh, who is settled in London. Their engagement took place on May 22.
The wedding will be on July 17 at Kothamangalam, Kerala.
Gopika leaves the industry at a time when her career is at its peak.
She was perfect for homely and bubbly girls' roles.
Gopika's second film, For the People, was a huge hit and Gopika was suddenly became movie goers favourite.
Cheran introduced her to Tamil thorugh Autograph and it became a huge hit.
Her latest Malayalam hit, Annan Thampi, which released on Vishu.
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Gopika -The gorgeous Malayalam movie actress

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