We don't know whether it is because of the pressure from fans,friends and relatives or the uncertainty over the outcome of the dangerous daredevil act,Mohanlal gave up his idea of performing 'Fire escape' or 'Burning illusion' stunt as a part of inaugural program of 'Vismayam 2008' ,the magical mega show.
It is reported that ,the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists,'AMMA', also asked Mohanlal to move away from performing the dangerous act.The AMMA president Innocent asked him to change his mind.
Any way ,what ever be the reason,Mohanlal decided not to perform the dangerous Act.
Now it is the turn of Gopinath Muthukad ,the magician who trained Mohanlal the stunt, to come up with some kind of face saving act,and he already called the decision unfortunate as months of hard work has gone waste.
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