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Kavya Madhavan (Kaavya Madhavan )
As an ordinary Malayalam film goer I enjoyed watching the way Kavya Madhavan acting in movies.
The difference is that you don't feel that Kavya Madhavan is a super heroine,moreover we still get the thought of a next door girl.She didn't change much ,She is still the same girl who acted in Azhakiya Ravanan quite some time back,and the stardom is not entered into her brain or attitude,as happened to many mallu girls.
Even though her first Tamil film ‘Kasi’ fared well at box office. But she has been a little reluctant to accept more Tamil movies may be because of the kind of skin exposure and the glamor status required by the Tamil film industry to succeed.That's a welcome decision,at least one Malayalam actor proved that money is not everything!!
Kavya Madhavan born and brought up in the village of Neeleswaram in Kasargod district, Kerala.Kavya Madhavan was born on September 19, 1984 in the village of Nileshwaram.Her father is P.Madhavan and mother Shyamala. She did her schooling at Nileswaram Rajas High School.During her school days she has participated in numerous competitions and won prizes.The role which brought her all the fame was the role in Azhakiya Ravanan (1996).After that movie,she started her journey as a successful actress in the Malayalam movie industry.

The following is an incomplete list of movies,in which Kavya Madhavan acted either as heroine or an important role,
  • Aparichithan
  • Kadha
  • Two Wheeler
  • Runway
  • Pookalam Varavayi
  • Chandranudhikkunna Dikkil
  • Madhuranombarakkattu
  • Sahayathrikayku Snehapoorvam
  • Darling Darling
  • Thenkasi Pattanam
  • Dosth
  • Mazhamegha Pravugal
  • Raakshasa Raajavu
  • Jeevan Mashayi
  • Onnaman
  • Oomapenninu Uriyadapayan
  • Meesha Madhavan
  • Thillakkam
  • Sadhanandhante Samayam
  • Vellithira
  • Gowri Sankaram
  • Mizhirandillum
  • Pulival Kalyanam
  • Classmates
  • Athisayan
  • Chakkara Muthu
  • Greetings
  • Moonnu Pennungal
  • Kasi (Tamil)
  • Enmanavanil (Tamil)
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